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  • About Custom Orders

    We accept orders for custom patterns woven from pure silk, Kaganishiki cotton, and standard cotton.
    • Custom patterns must be 6 mm to 30 mm wide.
    • If a specific color is requested, we may request an example or a color sample from the customer.
    • With the sole exceptions of very simple patterns or minor modifications to existing patterns, rest assured that Sanada Himo cord woven into custom patterns will never be sold to other companies.
    • For orders of 10,000 m or more, we can offer special bulk pricing and easy-tassel processing (standard cotton only).
  • About Our Sample Set

    We offer a sample set of our Sanada Himo cords for just only postage that will allow you to see and feel the beautiful colors and patterns of our products firsthand.
    This set includes 5 cm lengths of our pure silk weave, our Kaganishiki cotton weave, our standard cotton tube weave, and our standard cotton flat weave.

  • Ukon Cotton / ECHIZEN Paper

    Ukon Cotton are the fabric for wrapping. They are plain and soft cloths. And they're often used for wrapping something fragile (vase, glass, jewelry, etc. or precious kimono and obi). Ukon means turmeric. In the past, they were colored with turmeric. But now, turmeric indicates only its color. They have various colors other than yellow: smoky blue, smoky pinkish orange and so on.
    We have The Sample Booklet : When you're through the Sample booklet, you would know the texture of these cloths.
    Types: thick stuff /thin stuff (machine-made)
    Size: thick stuff=W105×L5500cm/
    Thin stuff=W95×L5500cm

    ECHIZEN Paper is the one made for wrapping gifts, folding origami arts and so on. It has a 1500 years tradition. And it is the highly-qualified hand-made product.
    Basic color (warm creamy white/ pale yellow brown) - you could write, draw or paint some lovely characters on it, and use it as a special message card or present.
    Types: handmade and machine-made
    Size : <handmade> apprx.60×90cm (23.8×35.8inches/sheet)
        <machine-made> plain=109×78cm (43.6×31.2inches/sheet)
        watermarked pale yellow=110×80cm (44.0×32.0inches/sheet)
        watermarked pale brown=110×80cm (44.0×32.0inches/sheet)
    We can sell at least 10sheets and in blocks of 10.