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Sanada Himo cords
Sanada Himo cords

The Beautiful and Colorful Spirit of Japan,
Tied Together with History

Sanada Himo cords, combining functional beauty with tasteful design.
The most distinctive thing about these cords might be the strength of their weave.
Sanada Himo cords have a distinctively wide shape compared to ordinary strings, and are woven together from both warp and weft threads, making these thin, flat cords perhaps among the world's narrowest woven goods. Their weave makes them resistant to stretching and easy to tie and re-tie, perfect for wrapping around goods or hanging heavy items. It's no wonder they've been so beloved for so many years.
In addition to being found tied around luxury packaging, today these cords are also the favorites of artisans throughout Japan, holding shut the wooden boxes they package their products in.
These cords do not merely hold things together; they become a critical part of beautiful presentation of an item, elevating it to a work of art. Sanada Himo cords lend a touch of the spirit of Japanese beauty to any gift, making it just that much more delightful.
Sanada Himo cords can also be found used in bracelets, furniture, interior decorations, and more, combining tradition with contemporary design for entirely new designs that have won acclaim around the world.
The real question, then, is how you plan to use your own Sanada Himo cords. At Orimoto Sumiya, we look forward to weaving a beautiful future, together.


  • Highest-class Shouken (silk & cotton mixed / double-woven)

    100% pure silk warp threads for rich luster and beautiful color, with a supple and welcoming feel. This Sanada Himo cord is truly as much a treat for the hands as for the eyes.
    → Onlineshop (Japanese)
  • Hi-class Kaganishiki (cotton & Silklon/double-woven)

    Tough and sturdy Sanada Himo cord woven from threads based on the five distinctive colors of Ishikawa's traditional Kaga Yuzen dyeing (dark red, indigo, yellow earth, grass green, and royal purple).
    → Onlineshop (Japanese)
  • Momen Fukuro (cotton & Silklon/double-woven)

    Sanada Himo woven as a hollow tube, making them more durable than flat-woven cords, while the cotton used to weave them makes them comfortable yet resistant to damage from heat and insects. They can be reversed as well, with different patterns on each side for more options when tying decorative knots.
    → Onlineshop (Japanese)
  • Momen Hirahimo (all cotton/plain weave)

    Thinner than Sanada Himo woven as a hollow tube, making them light and easy to handle. These cords feature identical designs on both sides.
    → Onlineshop (Japanese)
  • Limited Trial

    The item is limited in quantity.
    → Onlineshop (Japanese)
  • Custom Orders

    We accept orders for custom patterns woven from pure silk, Kaganishiki cotton, and standard cotton.
    → Custom Orders

About Our Sample Set

We offer a sample set of our Sanada Himo cords for just only postage that will allow you to see and feel the beautiful colors and patterns of our products firsthand.
This set includes 5 cm lengths of our pure silk weave, our Kaganishiki cotton weave, our standard cotton tube weave, and our standard cotton flat weave.
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