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Combining Tradition with Contemporary Design for Entirely New Designs

In Japan, Sanada Himo cords are closely associated with their use to tie paulownia wood boxes shut, but they lend themselves to a wide variety of other ideas for everyday use.
Sanada Himo cords can be a great way to add a touch of traditional Japanese beauty to fashion accessories or handicrafts.
Here are just a few fun ways you can take advantage of Sanada Himo cords' resistance to stretching and ease of re-tying.

Repairing Frayed Ends

  • Pull on a weft thread (running across the width, not along the length) at the end of the Sanada Himo cord.

  • Pull firmly on the weft thread until about 1 cm of the end of the cord is frayed.

  • Keep pulling and the threads will cinch together, stopping the thread from pulling out further.

  • Extract the weft threads from the base of the warp thread (running along the length).

  • Divide the weft threads into two groups, then loop each group tightly around the end of the cord several times, wrapping around both sides, and tightly tie them in place.

  • Trim off any excess thread. Applying a little bit of glue to the knot will help keep the knot from coming undone.

  • completed.