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私たちの想い message
私たちの想い message

Beautiful yet Practical Cords to Tie Together and Support.
Sanada Himo cords, a Treat for the Hands as Well as the Eyes.

We carefully studied the way that the flexibility of threads subtly yet constantly changes in response to temperature and humidity, allowing us to bring countless threads together with precise, minute care. A great deal of expertise and experience is needed in order to do the work of producing superior cords with just the right elasticity and strength to their weave — in fact, we have 450 years of delicate, skillful technique, handed down from generation to generation. We believe that we must never forget the greatness of the artisans who have preserved these traditions before us, yet at the same time we believe in the value of weaving together history and tradition with modern sensibilities for a truly great result.
These beautiful yet practical cords are used to tie things together, and to support the things that hang from them.
Sanada Himo cords are ready to fit ever-changing shapes, to take on the forms that you wish to give them — with each and every item we make, it is our hope that these cords truly are as much a treat for your hands as for your eyes.